Although it may seem random at times, the universe is best thought of as a vast interconnected web. Acting, interacting and inter-interacting; a series of events occur that can lead to an altogether unpredictable outcome.

Through a series of such events, it might be said that Lisa Batsinger found karaoke. It might equally be said that karaoke found her.

Regardless of cause and effect, the end result is the same: the universe has led you to DJ Lisa Batsinger, holistic karaoke host.

Combining her love of singing, music and bad puns, Lisa brings the interconnected nature of karaoke to every show. Rather, Lisa allows that interconnectedness to manifest in what all observers would describe as an event. A karaoke event. The only guaranteed outcome of any given night is that it will be incredible but the details will differ.

That is the nature of holistic karaoke.

That is the nature of DJ Lisa Batsinger.